The IBF Study Guides are updated at appropriate intervals to reflect changes and developments in the financial industry. Candidates should ensure that they have the latest version of the relevant study guide before sitting for the examination.

Updates / Changes to Study Guides

Module Date Version Description
Nov 2020
​Oct 2020
​Sep 2020
​Sep 2020
​Aug 2020
​FMRP​Dec 2019​3.2Updates​
​M6​Dec 2019​2.8Updates​
​M6A​Oct 2019​2.12Updates​
​M6A​Sep 2019​2.11Updates
​CBCE Paper 1, CBCE Paper 2​Sep 2019​1.2Updates​
​M10​Aug 2019​2.4Updates
​M6A​Jul 2019​2.10Updates​
​M6​​May 2019​2.7Updates​
​M6​May 2019​2.6Updates​
​CACS Paper 2​May 2019​2.2Updates​
​M6A​Apr 2019​2.9Updates​
​CACS Paper 2​Apr 2019​2.1Upd​ates
​CACS Paper 1​Mar 2019​2.1Updates​
​FMRP​Jan 2019​3.1Updates