Claims Submission for Self-Sponsored Individuals (CACS, CBCE & FMRP Exams)


Please refer to "Submission of Claims" below on the supporting documents that have to be submitted to IBF after filling in the form.

​Enhanced Funding Support for IBF-STS accredited courses

IBF and MAS has rolled out enhanced course fee subsidies of up to 90% for locals attending IBF accredited or recognised courses. 

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Eligibility Criteria

The following industry examinations are IBF-STS accredited and they are eligible for the above- mentioned enhanced funding support:

  1. Client Advisor Competency Standards (CACS) Assessment comprising of:
    1. CACS Paper 1 - Legislation, Regulation Industry Codes of Practice,
    2. CACS Paper 2 - Industry & Product Knowledge

  2. Corporate Banking Common Examination (CBCE) comprising of:
    1. CBCE Paper 1 - Industry Product Knowledge and Awareness,
    2. CBCE Paper 2 - Industry Laws & Regulations Knowledge and Awareness

  3. Financial Markets Regulatory Practices (FMRP) Examination.

Other eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. Passing the examination;
  2. Self-sponsored individuals must be Singapore citizens or Singapore permanent residents;
  3. For individuals who are on the company-sponsored track, claims should be submitted by their employers; and
  4. Individuals on the self-sponsored track must not be MAS employees, civil or public servants.

Submission of Claims

To submit your IBF-STS grant claim, please prepare and submit the following documents via email to

  1. click here to fill in the online form for IBF Funding Claim for Self-Sponsored Individuals; and 

  2. submit the following documents via email to citing "Claim Submission : <<Name per NRIC>> - <<last 4 digits of NRIC including alphabet>> (e.g. Lim Meng Meng – 123A) as the subject header in the email to IBF:
    • A soft copy of your e-invoice(s) covering the relevant exam attempt / session; and .
    • A soft copy of your exam result slip(s), which can be downloaded from your IBF Portal Account.
All documents1 must be submitted in PDF format.

Claims Submission Deadline

Claims should be submitted to IBF ( no later than one month from the date of passing of the exam2.

Claims submitted later than one month from the date of passing the exam will not be accepted for the funding support.

Disbursement of Claims

The IBF has implemented PayNow as the payment mode for all training grant claims since  January  2019. PayNow enables secure e-payments without the need to collect and validate bank account details of the claimants. To receive the funding promptly upon approval, please ensure that you have linked your NRIC to your PayNow bank account to facilitate IBF's disbursements. We cannot affect disbursement to mobile number-linked PayNow bank accounts. Failure to link your NRIC to PayNow accounts will result in delay in disbursement.

For more information on the claims submission process, please contact IBF at

For more information on IBF funding criteria & eligibility, please contact IBF at

1 IBF reserves the rights to request for a copy of your NRIC for verification for verification checks.

2 For example, if an individual passes an IBF industry exam on 1 June 2020, he/she should submit the claim by 30 June 2020.