Abhijit Dattanand Kumta

In these times where the pace of change is only accelerating, there is no substitute for continuous learning and workforce transformation as the only way to continue delivering the cutting-edge solutions that our clients require.”

Abhijit Dattanand Kumta
IBF Fellow (2023), Technology & Operations

Abhijit Dattanand Kumta

Managing Director, Head of Operations & Technology, Singapore & ASEAN, Citibank N.A.


Abhijit Kumta was appointed Head Operations & Technology for Singapore, Lead for ASEAN O&T and the Changi CSC site head in April 2019. He is responsible for the leadership of Singapore and ASEAN and oversee Operations and Technology across all sectors.

A 26-year Citi Veteran, Abhijit has experience spanning TTS, SSO and Market Operations in India and was previously the Operations and Technology Head for Malaysia and Philippines responsible for delivery and fulfillment across Banking O&T and the Citi Solution Centers.

Abhijit currently sits at the Board for Citibank Berhad, Citigroup Business Process Solutions (CBPSPL) and Citigroup Global Markets Singapore Holding Pte Ltd (CGMSHPL). He is the Director for the Singapore Clearing House Private Limited and a committee member of the SCHA since 2019.

Abhijit has recently been conferred the IBF Fellow Award in Operations. The IBF Fellow award recognises industry leaders who have demonstrated mastery of a profession and exemplify thought leadership and commitment to industry development. This recognition affirms his continued efforts to spearhead the most advance practices in the banking industry such as simplification, automation, and digitization as well as developing the local talent pool and advocating for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion endeavours.

Abhijit is also the Co-Chair of Singapore Disability Network, Enabling Diverse Abilities.

Abhijit and his wife, Devyani have one daughter. Abhijit enjoys playing golf and scuba diving.

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