IBF has a wide range of programmes and schemes to support the reskilling, upskilling, reskilling and talent development efforts of financial institutions in Singapore. Developed with our industry partners, they are tailored to support financial institutions in six key areas: 

Upskill Your Talent

We offer enhanced training support to assist finance professionals in their reskilling and upskilling efforts through course fee funding.

Reskill Your Talent 

We co-create career pathways to reskill impacted employees or new hires into in-demand roles through course fee funding for structured training and salary support for on-the-job training.

Develop Young Talent 

We provide opportunities for aspiring finance professionals and recent graduates to acquire skills and industry experience through job attachments, apprenticeships, internships and structured development programmes.

Develop Mid-Career Talent 

We work with financial institutions to grow their talent pool in emerging areas such as technology and wealth management through Career Conversion Programmes.

Develop Leadership and Specialist Talent 

We support in grooming future leaders and specialists through structured training, job rotations and overseas postings.

Power Your Talent 

We encourage financial institutions to leverage technology to facilitate their reskilling and upskilling efforts, as well as to transform their workforce planning and development processes.

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