Aloke Verma

Acquiring new skills and knowledge is critical to staying relevant and contributing to an industry that is rapidly adopting digital technologies to enhance its products and services, and automate processes ”

Aloke Verma
IBF Fellow (2023), Compliance

Aloke Verma

Tax Director, Deutsche Bank AG


As senior Tax Director and APAC Tax Business Advisory Lead, Aloke plays a key role supporting Deutsche Bank various businesses. He is considered a highly skilled tax advisor, valued for understanding the tax technical legislation and conveying these in a digestible easy-to-understand manner, applying a solution-oriented approach to business and commercial realities, without diluting compliance with legislation and requirements of the Tax Authorities – a skill that demonstrates high level of competence and versatility.

Aloke is highly regarded not only internally within the Bank, but also within his peers in the Banking industry, where he actively participates as member of the Capital Markets Tax Committee, the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association, and the Association of Banks in Singapore. He has played a key role in industry advocacy efforts around laws in Singapore and the APAC region.

Aloke participates in various leadership roles across regional and global forums in Deutsche Bank.  As member of these leadership committees, Aloke contributes to developing sustainable vision, strategies, and governance. He reinforces also the speak-up culture with his conduct.

Aloke is Head of dbFamily pillar in the Bank’s Singapore Diversity Council’s (SDC), which pillar aims to provide an inclusive approach to appreciating diversities and supporting employees with work-life balance. Aloke is certified by the Red Cross as a First Aider and is a Mental Health Aider within the Bank. On top of his bank and industry commitments, Aloke is also a huge champion for community causes, he has facilitated various community sessions including those initiated by government agencies e.g. National Service Affairs Department Innovation Day; HDB's Neighbourhood Renewal Programme; focus group discussions with grassroot leaders; and facilitating various 'Our Singapore Conversation' sessions announced by the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and lead by Heng Swee Keat, then Minister for Education of Singapore. Since 2022, Aloke is passionately involved as a ‘Facilitator Leader’ with Happiness Initiative, who in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY) has launched a community well-being programme to empower individuals with skills they can apply to improve their mental health and to strengthen Singapore’s social capital. 

As an experienced and versatile tax professional, Aloke supports and leads various banking industry initiatives, and participates in/ leads various social initiatives, demonstrating a high level of competence and empathy and compassion for the well-being of the broader community. Aloke remains a role model for the industry.

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