Donald MacDonald

Upskilling the future workforce is essential with the rise of AI, as it enables us to harness the potential of human creativity and augment it with machine intelligence.”

Donald MacDonald
IBF Fellow (2023), Technology & Operations

Donald MacDonald

Head, Group Data Office, OCBC


A lifelong analytics practitioner with 29 years of experience, Donald has held analytics leadership positions across the globe including Standard Life (UK), PwC (UK), IBM (Singapore)  before joining OCBC in 2004. His extensive data and analytics knowledge have been instrumental in the building of OCBC Group’s data capabilities.

Group Data Office are responsible for driving value from data regionally across OCBC Group. This includes using Artificial Intelligence to capture opportunities to generate new revenue streams, lower costs, reduce risk and improve customer experience across all areas of business. In addition, Group Data Office also enable other analytics teams across OCBC by developing the next-generation analytics stack and upskilling employees with the data literacy skills required to succeed.

In 2018, Donald was one of the financial services leaders that collaborated with MAS to develop the FEAT principles to ensure Responsible use of AI across the financial sector – the first financial service regulatory framework in this area globally. He continues to be a leading voice in promoting Fair & Responsible AI usage with participation in the MAS Veritas AI Fairness initiative where OCBC where the first Singapore bank to contribute open-source code back to the community to uplift AI Fairness across all users.

In addition, Donald has been an advocate of Trusted Data Sharing initiatives to promote secured data exchanges between companies. He was a core member of the team to develop the ABS Data Sharing handbook as well as participating in the ABS data sharing sub-committee and numerous industry events and roundtables to promote secured data sharing ecosystems.

 As a thought-leader, Donald continues to give back to the community. Taking a hands-on approach to develop training material to upskill & empower OCBC employees with relevant data literacy skills. He also spends time to speak externally on a regular basis at educational institutions and industry events.

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