Company Profile

OCBC leverages data and technology to transform its workforce. An AI-enabled career marketplace powered by IBF’s Future Skills Accelerator (FSA) will be launched in 2024 to provide its diverse talents with personalised skills-based recommendations of learning and career growth opportunities.

It also introduced:

  • Learning Agility Power programme (LeAP) which allows employees to discover, reflect and grow their learning agility power;
  • “MINT”, “SHINE” and “RISE” Leadership Programme to equip managers at different levels with essential skills;
  • OCBC Ignite which gives polytechnic undergraduates the chance to grow their skills and expertise in technology with real-life banking projects;
  • Eco-Versity to foster a culture of sustainability.

OCBC continues to drive skills development by participating in Technology in Finance Immersion Programme and Asian Financial Leaders Scheme. 

IBF Inspire Award (2023)