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Prudential provides an open learning culture with diverse career and development opportunities to enable a future-ready workforce.

To uplift the professionalism and competence of financial consultants, Prudential launched the Financial Consultant Induction Programme (FCIP). Financial consultants receive their IBF Qualified Level 1 Certification upon graduating from FCIP. To become an Agency Leader, it is mandatory to complete the IBF-accredited Agency Leader Promotion Programme.

Prudential actively supports upskilling and reskilling efforts through IBF programmes such as the Career Conversion Programme, Technology in Finance Immersion Programme, Work Study Support Programme (WSSP) and Finance Associate Management Scheme (FAMS). WSSP and FAMS have enabled Prudential to grow its future talent pipeline from local polytechnics and universities in key areas such as actuarial, operations, distribution and compliance.

Prudential Singapore
IBF Inspire Award (2023)

Prudential Singapore