Tong Chi Fai

To be a trusted business partner, compliance officers must hone their stakeholder management skills and seek to understand their business' products and risk frameworks. Embrace learning and don’t fear trying out new things or making mistakes.”

Tong Chi Fai
IBF Fellow (2023), Compliance

Tong Chi Fai

Managing Director, Head of Group Surveillance, Group Financial Crime Compliance, OCBC


Chi Fai has extensive experience in compliance with over 2 decades of compliance experience across retail banking, commercial banking and private banking. He currently serves as the Group Head of Surveillance, Financial Crime Compliance at OCBC where he oversees the Group’s transaction monitoring and customer name screening program, as well as fraud surveillance platform, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while embracing best practices.

Under his charge, his team has been instrumental in implementing machine learning capabilities into the various programs to combat money laundering and fraud/scam, resulting in improved effectiveness and efficiency in detecting and preventing financial crime. Notably, one of his achievement was the establishment of a dedicated Centre of Excellence which focus on financial crime compliance investigations, a move that liberates the in-country compliance specialists to concentrate their expertise on higher-risk cases. By centralising these routine and non-complex tasks, it facilitates the consolidation of best practices, enhance productivity and efficiency of the investigation process.

Chi Fai contributed through participation of various industry initiatives and projects. These include AML/CFT Industry Partnership (ACIP) Paper on Misuse Typologies and Best Practices on Legal Persons and COSMIC (Collaborative Sharing of ML/TF Information digital platform & Cases) digital platform.

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