As a modern-day banker, you're probably well-acquainted with the importance of lead generation. You've probably spent a considerable sum on lead generation through some avenue or another. And depending on the type of financial institution you work for, your professional goals can vary.

In this article, we will discuss some easy and effective methods to help you generate leads digitally and you'll be on your way to generating more leads - and building a stronger relationship with your customers.

​What is Lead Generation?

A lead is a contact that has shown interest in your company's product or service. They may have browsed your website, filled up a form, subscribed to your blog, etc.

Lead generation is the process of engaging with a non-qualified prospect. The goal is to have them become qualified and eventually purchase your product, service, or solution. It's a very important step in the sales process as it sets the foundation for how your lead will be managed throughout their buying cycle, and ultimately influences whether they buy from you or not.

Your lead generation process must be subtle and organic; you don't want your potential customers to feel like they're being pushed. Generally, your lead generation process begins with a customer's first interaction with your brand and digital persona.

​Building Your Digital Persona

To create and generate useful leads for your business, it is important to develop a credible and reputable digital persona.

Digital persona can be described as a social identity that an internet user establishes in online communities. Imagine your prospects googling your name to check your credibility. They might also visit your LinkedIn and other social media accounts. It is important to be mindful of what you share and repost since negative posts can result in a bad impression. They can also know your personality and see how up-to-date you are with the professional world through your digital persona.

​What makes a good first impression for your digital persona?

A suitable display and profile photo is the key to a great first impression. Here are some tips on what makes a great profile photo for your digital platforms:

  • Professional clothing

  • Approachable and friendly looking

  • Current

  • Simple

  • Plain background

  • Professionally taken / Good quality

Digital Networking

Digital networking is the act of using online sites or applications to converse, engage and network with peers or professionals. Networking can start even with a small talk. Showing authenticity by connecting on a personal level that isn’t about banking, advisory and service is also a part of digital networking.

Every inpidual that you meet has the potential of helping you reach at least 10 other contacts. Digital networking can help you find more leads and allow you to penetrate deeper into the business community. You can gather information about the prospect’s personal interests and create a bridge to a better dialogue.

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