6 Jun 2023

IBF Masterclass with Momenta: Aligning Values & Returns, A Discussion on The Intersection of Venture Capital and ESG Investing


3.00pm - 4.00pm




CPD Hours :

1 (non-core)


In this panel discussion titled "Aligning Values & Returns: A Discussion on The Intersection of Venture Capital and ESG Investing", two industry experts from the venture capital sector will come together to share their insights and experiences on impact investing. The discussion will focus on how to align values and financial returns in impact investing, and how to measure and define impact.

The panelists will delve into the topic of impact investing, leveraging their expertise and experiences within the venture capital sector to provide attendees with a greater understanding of the topic. They will also share their strategies and approaches to navigating the challenges and opportunities within impact investing.

Through this session, attendees can expect to gain in-depth insights into impact investing, including how to measure and define impact, as well as how to balance financial returns with impact. The discussion will provide attendees with valuable perspectives and strategies from experienced impact investors, and will be a valuable opportunity to learn from industry leaders in the field.




Carl Thong


Wesley Lyons


Raimund Buhr