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18 Sep 2023

IBF Masterclass with Flame Centre: Pathways towards wholeness to thrive in a non-BAU world


3.00pm - 4.00pm




CPD Hours :

1 (non-core)


With an accelerated pace of change in the financial industry, rigorous demands in regulatory compliance, increased threats faced by customers, new entrants in the digital banking, higher expectations from customers, along with long work hours, staff burnout, disengagement and attrition, it is increasingly critical to support our people with empathy and care to create conditions for them to be at their best, thereby contributing to continued higher productivity and organization success. This is critical because:   

  • Our state of wholeness creates conditions for others to be whole too 
  • An agile and resilient workforce seizes change as an opportunity to transform
  • Leaders need to manage themselves before they can manage their teams
  • Positive team culture radiates energy for the larger team to perform at their best

In this engaging session with Wendy Tan, author of Wholeness in a Disruptive World, with guest, Ian Wong, Head of Group Strategy and International Management, UOB, learn how to:

  • Anchor your purpose, values, identity and responsibilities
  • Embrace opposites in our thinking to create cognitive flexibility and balance
  • Practical habits to clear and declutter, so we focus on what matters




Wendy Tan


Ian Wong