To facilitate the lifelong learning and career progression of financial practitioners, IBF has identified skillsets specific to the financial industry.

Industry practitioners can use these skillsets as professional development roadmaps, to identify the skills needed for their job roles or functions.
The Skills Framework for Financial Services provides key information on sector, career pathways, occupations/job roles, as well as existing and emerging skills required for the financial services professionals. 

Practitioners can leverage on the Skills Framework to plan for their career progression and to identify skills needed in current or new job role.

How finance professionals can use the Skills Framework:

IDENTIFY and acquire new/emerging skills to keep abreast of changes in the industry

RECOGNISE the skills and competencies required of your job role

ATTEND relevant training programmes to help you attain the required skills to be job-ready

UNDERSTAND the career pathways and the attributes needed to take on a particular job role

Find out more on the required skills for current/emerging roles in the Skills Framework for Financial Services.

To develop these skills, finance practitioners can attend training programmes that have been IBF accredited. Find out more here.