With effect from 12 June 2023, IBF will be implementing a new examination (exam) system.  The new exam system features an enhanced user interface with features such as Singpass login for a more secured and seamless experience.  

Candidates can only access the exam system using:

  1. IBF Portal login username and password, or
  2. Singpass.

For (1), it is important that all registered candidates create and activate in advance, an individual account on the IBF Portal.  Exam candidates are advised to have the accounts handy before arrival at the IBF Assessment Centre.

Candidates who do not have access to their IBF Portal Account or did not activate their IBF Portal Account will not be permitted to sit for the examinations. Examination fees will not be refundable.

The step-by-step instructions on how to access and navigate the new exam system is set out in the Annex or watch the video guide.